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Data communication is one of the most critical areas of telecommunication efficacies.

Telecommunications is a broad field that includes telephone, cellular, audio, video and Internet services.

Communication happens with every kind of data that needs to be transmitted be it human or intangible.  Telecommunication devices help in data transmission in the simplest manner using a set of signals and involving a medium. it is important note that data cannot be communicated unless there is a medium for transmission  and this essentially a telecommunication medium which h is made of any kind of devise which can transmit and receive.

Key concepts in telecommunication:

A basic telecommunication system is always made up of three very important systems and that is the transmitter or sender of information, the transmitting medium otherwise known as the channel which allows for physical carrying of the signal and the receiver of the telecommunication message that can make this easily understood.

1. There has to be a medium of transmission .This medium could be anything that is easily recognizable to both the sender and the receiver. It very important as the sender should know how well the receiver understands this medium and is willing to receive it in the same mode.

2. The medium should be able to transmit the data that has to be communicated. There is a medium but which does not support the data then the purpose of telecommunication will be defeated. Hence the data has to be identified as that which could fit into the transmission mode.

3. Telecommunication devices are many and the data that has to be communicated should fit into all types of instruments and mode. This is called the analog form of data ad has t be interpreted meaningfully to carry the transmission through.

4. The presence of a digital system on which the entre data can be coded, encoded and decoded should be familiar and transmitters and receivers should understand this.

5. There has to be some kind of data to be transmitted and the telecommunication devise has to be identified.

6. There are telecommunication devices that can transmit very simple to very complex data forms. Hence there has to be a kind of data simplification process that allows for the telecommunication device to carry the data.

With the spurt in growth of telecommunication devises data communication has not become easy but also very challenging. Technology has helped data communication very fast and very quick and at the same time very secure. Data communication can happen only if there is a communicating devise and this has helped in allowing for easy data transfer.  Data communication has been possible with the growth and innovation of so many telecommunication devices. Telecommunication has been the greatest challenge in allowing for data transfer.

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